Four Industries Hit Hard by Cybercrime. How Does Your Industry Stack Up?

With the recent Equifax data breach, cybercrime is once again front and center in the news and social media. As we become more and more of a digital society, criminals have followed suit. It seems that no industry or information is exempt.

Recently, IBIS World reported that in 2016, about 72.0% of large companies and 20.0% of small to midsize companies were targets of cyberattacks. They also found that out of those that were attacked, four industries were hit the hardest. The top four include:

  • Movies and video production
  • Commercial banking
  • Health and medical insurance
  • Warehouse clubs and supercenters

Attacks in these industries have forced companies to take a closer examination at how they are protecting both their content and their customers’ data. IBIS World estimates that in 2022, the amount of sensitive information and data on the internet will triple. With that increase in information available, you can most likely expect the increase in cyber criminal activity to correlate.


Check out the full article from IBIS World,  “Cybersecurity Challenges: Four Industries Affected by Cybercrime”