Information Technology

There’s no way around it. Technology is upon us like never before. In order to survive in today’s business world, we must have capable systems and equipment in place, as well as knowledgeable people to maintain them.

But most business owners aren’t “techies.” Your staff may not have the knowledge, training, or time to implement and maintain systems on their own. That’s where Smith & Gesteland’s IS consultants can help, we can be your virtual Information Technology department managing all of your information systems responsibilities.

For questions or additional information on any of the services outlined below, please contact Greg Gleich, Information Systems Consultant, by e-mail or phone at (608) 836-7500.

Information Systems Needs Assessment

  • Evaluate your current computer systems’ configuration and operations
  • Search for and select systems appropriate for your business
  • Conduct feasibility studies of potential new systems and technologies
  • Develop implementation strategies that can help your business remain competitive in your marketplace

Business Process Improvement

  • Analyze current business processes
  • Work with your staff to identify, define and implement process improvements

Information Systems Planning and Development

  • Develop short- and long-term technology plans and budgets to consistently guide your technology implementations
  • Assist you in communicating the plan direction internally and externally
  • Identify and support staff development requirements
  • Plan and implement new computer systems that meet your current business needs while facilitating future growth

Technology Asset Management

  • Provide Network Administration services and support
  • Develop complete system diagrams and documentation
  • Conduct software audits to ensure that your business complies with licensing issues
  • Develop and implement a complete virus protection program that ensures the highest levels of safety
  • Develop and implement a contingency planning program to minimize disruptions to your business in the event of disaster


  • Provide wide area networking (multiple offices) implementation and support
  • Develop remote access capabilities for your traveling or home office workers
  • Provide email and Groupware applications support

Technical Support

  • Answer questions you have regarding information systems and technology
  • Help to diagnose and correct problems with your technology infrastructure
  • Provide remote assistance to end users to solve issues with systems and applications
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