Litigation Support

The attorney seeking credible, effective litigation support services can count on Smith & Gesteland’s comprehensive experience and 60-year history as a respected CPA and business consulting firm.

As an advocate, your goal is to obtain the best possible outcome for your clients. To that end, the technical and communication skills, professional reputation, and objective credibility of your professional team are strong assets. Your clients will benefit from the creative analytical and technical support Smith & Gesteland, LLP professionals provide to assist you throughout the litigation process.

Our staff is available to assist you with unbiased professional advice, collecting and analyzing data, and providing expert testimony in a variety of legal situations.

For additional information, please email Bill Pellino.

Forensic Accounting

  • Assist in the preparation of interrogatories, requests for production of documents, and depositions to maximize the benefits of discovery
  • Provide the technical skill and accounting knowledge needed for intensive analysis of the evidence
  • Organize the evidentiary materials for counsel’s use
  • Available to testify to our findings as required

Damage Analysis

  • Calculate changes in sales, profits, net worth, wages, or other financial consequences
  • Evaluate the effect of business interruption
  • Estimate opportunity costs

Business Valuation

  • Your clients involved in buy outs, partnership disputes, estate and gift tax issues, or divorce proceedings can require assistance in business valuation
  • Our track record of consistent, fair market value appraisals is crucial to your success in negotiations or court proceedings
  • Smith & Gesteland’s methodologies, assumptions, and conclusions have been court tested

Expert Testimony

  • Credible, experienced, reliable, confident representatives who are able to articulate complex financial concepts and issues clearly for both judges and juries
  • Smith & Gesteland works with many small business owners with limited knowledge in accounting and finance. Their trust and reliance on us in these areas is based on long-term relationships where communication is key. These same skills transfer well to the courtroom.

Settlement Negotiations

  • Development and analysis of alternative proposals and tax consequences
  • Direct negotiations
  • Structuring of settlements
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