Succession Planning

Every business will experience a transition…

It’s just a matter of when and how.

Smith & Gesteland, LLC has developed a comprehensive solution to help navigate all aspects of the succession planning process.  We call this solution Transitions. Whether you plan to retire in five years or 15 years, there are steps you can take now to ensure a smooth transition later. At Smith & Gesteland, our team focuses on maximizing what matters most:

  • Tax efficient transfers of family wealth
  • Sustained business profitability
  • Harmony within the family
  • Doing what’s right for all family members

It all begins with a clear definition of goals.

A Comprehensive Solution

During a transition, estate planners tend to focus on one facet of the business, tax advisors on another, while business advisors address management development. We focus on all of this with a comprehensive approach. Our goal is to maximize both the business value and personal wealth while maintaining balance and alignment between the two.

To learn more about Transitions, contact Julie Bogle.

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