We Can Help You Reduce Your Tax Burden

You have the right to take advantage of every tax-saving device built into our tax laws. Though laws are complex and the opportunity for tax savings is becoming increasingly more limited, there are many opportunities you may not be taking advantage of.

Smith & Gesteland, LLP applies creative and effective tax planning strategies to provide you with an ideal blend of minimum taxes and maximum economic success.

We analyze your personal and business financial affairs and make seasoned recommendations based on current case law, Internal Revenue Service interpretations, pending legislation, and good judgment. To assure you pay the lowest taxes, Smith & Gesteland continues to make substantial investments in our people, library, education, and tax-planning aids.

For additional information, please email Julie Bogle.

Tax Services


  • Provision of year-round transaction advice
  • Long-term strategic planning to minimize life long income taxes
  • State and local tax planning, including sales/use tax
  • Estate and gift planning
  • Assist with mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, distributions, and dispositions
  • Advise on how to justify earnings retention
  • Study fixed assets and identify tax reduction opportunities via cost segregation studies process
  • Evaluate business assets and ownerships tax interests structure
  • Select form of business entity
  • Obtaining of private rulings for business and individuals from the IRS to “lock in” the tax effects of a planned transaction
  • Cost segregation studies


  • Prepare and review tax returns
  • Interpret existing or proposed tax laws and provide related advice
  • Assist with estimated taxes
  • Advise on elections available to reduce or defer taxes


  • File protests of proposed tax deficiencies and penalty or interest assessments
  • Attend appeals conferences and settlement negotiations of disputes before the IRS appeals office or the Tax Court

Personal Financial Management

  • Coordinate all aspects of an executive’s personal financial affairs
  • Structure and plan Estate Trust and gifting programs
  • Devise compensation packages that minimize combined personal and business after-tax costs

Partnerships and Closely Held Companies:

Succession Planning

  • Plan for timing of income
  • Advise on recapitalization
  • Provide independent valuation of closely held companies
  • Help plan for management and ownership transitions

The above is a partial list of the services we render in cooperation
with the attorneys, bankers, and insurance agents, and other advisors who also represent your interests.

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